Boletín Laboral Mayo 2015

Durante el pasado mes de abril, la Dirección General de la Inspección de Trabajo ha hecho público su Criterio Técnico 95/2015, en el que realiza un repaso a la problemática derivada de la contratación temporal en un momento histórico donde todos los datos existentes apuntan a la existencia de una evidente preferencia del empresariado español por la contratación temporal frente a la contratación indefinida.

Corporate & Commercial Newsletter October 2014

This month, the Newsletter contains the new Law on CNMV’s fees and the Draft law that will amend the regulation of private equity. Furthermore, we analyse three resolutions of the General Directorate of Registers and Notaries of great practical importance for companies.

Corporate & Commercial Newsletter September 2014

This month the newsletter analyzes key legislative developments in corporate and commercial matters, including the recent extension of the suspension in the application of the article 348 bis of the Companies Act, introduced by Royal Decree 11/2014.

Labour Newsletter September 2014

This month the newsletter analyzes the Royal Decree – Law 8/2014 of 4th july, which adopt urgent measures for the growth, competitiveness and efficiency and the Royal Decree 637/2014 of 25th july which amends article 23 of the General Regulations on contribution and payment of other Social Security charges.

Litigation Newsletter September 2014

After a recent Sentence of July 16th 2014, The Criminal Supreme Court has established a new doctrine about intervention of employee communications in a business framework. This new doctrine faces the criteria of the Labor Supreme Court because the Criminal Supreme Court points prior judicial authorization is necessary in order to intervene an employee corporate e-mail by the company. The lack of this prior authorization makes illicit this incriminating evidence.

Corporate&Commercial Newsletter July 2014

Law 10/2014 of 26 June, on the organisation, supervision and solvency of credit institutions was published in Spain’s Official State Gazette on 27 June. The purpose of Law 10/2014 is to continue adapting the Spanish legal system to the new provisions of the Directive 2013/36/EU and Regulation 575/2013.

Litigation Newsletter July 2014

Article 31 bis of the Spanish Criminal Code which introduced the criminal liability for companies in the Spanish system, is pending to be legally modified, amongst other articles of the said Criminal Code. In this publication we analyse the result of this potential amendment from a practical point of view studying the Neymar´s case in which the FC Barcelona is involved.


On June 11, 2014, the “RD 413/2014” entered into force regulating the generation of electricity using renewable energy sources, cogeneration and waste, introducing a new regime of rights and obligations and a new methodology for determining the economic regime applicable to facilities using renewable energy sources, cogeneration and waste, both for existing facilities and for new facilities that may be developed in the future.