Mortgages & Litigation

Our Mortgage & Litigation team, highly specialised in this area of practice, ensures reduction of the time periods of the procedure, shortening each stage of the proceeding whilst minimizing the likelihood of denials of the particulars of claim. We also work with our own team of Attorneys at law (“Procuradores”) enabling us to boost legal proceedings. We provide the following services within this practice:

  • Drafting and preparation of the claims and related writs regarding the legal proceedings. Continuous monitoring of the case from the start to the end, when the property is assigned.
  • Encouragement of settlements prior to legal proceedings.

All this enables us to reach extraordinary ratios in relation to the duration of the procedures and the files management:

  • Average time on filing the claim: 10 days.
  • Average time on reaching Auction stage : 9 months.
  • Average time on achieving Repossession: 14 months.
  • Number of files handled last year: 14.000