Procesal y Arbitraje

Our Public and Regulatory Law Department offers legal advice and litigation services to private and public entities on different matters belonging to public and constitutional Law.

  • Service to Public Authorities.
  • Licenses and administrative authorisations.
  • Benefits and subsidies.
  • Competition.
  • Concessions, authorisation and legalisation procedures. Public-private collaboration. Public tenders.
  • Public domain and properties: water, coasts, mines, mountains and ports.
  • Forced expropriation.
  • Offenses and sanctions.
  • Environment: water management, residues and atmospheric protection.
  • Administrative appeals and judicial reviews.
  • Appeals before Constitutional Court.
  • Liability of Public Authorities.
  • Regulatory Sectors: audiovisual, electricity, energy, financial entities, pharmaceutical, gas, hydrocarbons, security markets, telecommunications, transport and postal services.